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Full version to be released in late-2019!

What is UMIX?

UMix is a portable music production app that let you create music anywhere easily. Our team researched and developed innovative audio processing algorithms which converts your voice to MIDI accurately. With UMix, you will be able create professional digital music no matter you are beginner or professional. Even you are on the street or during a flight, you will be able to capture and realize your music idea just with your voice.

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Achievements & Media

Our team

Our team has strong technical background in software engineering, computer and electronics engineering as well as music production experience. Contact us if you share the same goal with us and would like to join us!

Kenneth Au
Kenneth Au
Co-founder & Lead developer
Pop music composer & arranger, pianist, guitarist, drummer
Benjamin Lai
Benjamin Lai
Co-founder & Lead designer
Pianist and violist